October, 2018

Dear Fellow Members of Mesa County Right to Life,

             We want to encourage you to join us for the annual Life Chain on Sunday, October 7th . We will gather at the Lutheran Church and School of Messiah at 840 North 11th St at 2:00pm. We will spend the hour from 2:30 to 3:30pm in silent prayer as we witness to the sanctity of human life and pray for an end to abortion. We will join thousands of people across America who choose to take a public stand for life. Life Chain began in 1987 in California and this is the 31st anniversary of this national event. For more information about the Life Chain, please check out their website at

This year’s event coincides with another pro-life initiative that is currently being promoted: The Rosary Coast to Coast. The Rosary Coast to Coast is patterned after similar events that took place in Poland and England and Ireland during the past year. In addition, this event builds on the National Rosary for Life that has taken place at the U.S. Capitol for the past two years. The Rosary Coast to Coast will conclude a 54 day rosary novena that began on August 15th. The goal is to have people praying the rosary across the nation on Sunday, October 7th. The date was chosen to coincide with the great naval victory of the heavily outnumbered Christian forces at the Battle of Lepanto in 1571. Please check out their website at

If you were at the Walk for Life we sponsored last January, you experienced first hand how numerous and well organized our opposition is. Even here in western Colorado, The Women’s March drew a much larger crowd than our event. We realize that this struggle is not about numbers. We also acknowledge that this battle, and indeed all of our efforts belong to our Lord Jesus Christ. Still, it is wonderful when Pro-Life people from every walk of life come out and show our determination and our commitment. Please join us. Take a stand for Life!

Carl Malito, MD
Mesa County Right to Life