40 Days for Life

Our 2023 Spring “40 Days for Life” event will run from February 22 through April 2.

This is a time of prayer and fasting for the end of abortion around the world. All Nations, Denominations and Fellowships of believers will come together in this effort. Locally, we are looking for volunteers to pray and fast with us.

We would like each person involved to pray daily if possible and fast for one day (or more) sometime during the event. To coordinate the effort and to be certain that we have a continuous 40 days, we are looking for individuals that we can assign a day to fast and pray and join with others to do so. For example, if your assigned day is March 10th, you would fast that day and ask your friends to pray with you or to pray themselves for the unborn.

Please pray about being one of those that desire to see God use their life in this effort. If you decide to join in, please let us know which day (or days) you would like to cover, or add your name to the calendar, linked below.

For more information or questions, you can contact us via email at
mcrtl@mcrtl.net or by phone at 970-270-0278.

You can add your name or view available days on the calendar shown here:


(Simply click on the day and add your information)

For daily devotional prayers, please follow this link: