Angel of Hope Memorial

The Angel of Hope memorial bench is in place at Calvary Cemetery in Fruita.

This is a respectful project that a group of concerned individuals have been working on to honor and reverently place those children lost in pregnancy in God’s care. Until now, when a child is lost, parents and family members leave their little one in the care of St. Mary’s Hospital or doctor’s office not really knowing what will happen to him or her. It is a difficult time with not many options available.

This Angel is a final resting spot for these children as they are reverently given to God’s protection.

The project has been a coordinated effort between St. Mary’s Hospital, Callahan Edfast Mortuary and Sacred Heart Catholic Church. This project will allow families who are Catholic, Protestant, Jewish or any other traditional faith or no faith to place their baby in a final resting spot at no cost to the family.